A downloadable game for Windows

PRESS F11 TO TOGGLE FULLSCREEN (I forgot to add that instruction in the game)

A game based on the 'get to the other side' paradigm of game design, but there's only one ;) room, so you have to get to the other side from many different angles.

Featuring only one sprite, only one font, only one developer, and only one room.


Be fast, but not reckless! (think about potential consequences, but remember that you can outrun your enemies)

Enemies can eat o's too! (if an o spawns in an unfavorable position, trick an enemy into eating it so a new one will spawn)

Install instructions

Extract the archive and run setup.exe.

Since this is a monogame project it might set off AVG cybersecure which is really annoying. This means the game might open for a little bit and then restart seemingly at random.

It should automatically launch but if it doesn't double click either 'setup' again or the file entitled 'Game Jam.'


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